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Inout Scripts Launches its Much Awaited iOS Apps!

With pride Inout Scripts releases its four iPhone apps on different services. Apart from the web application and Android applications on various scripts, InoutScripts launched its iOS apps too!

The apps include services for Online Music Management, eCommerce Application, Real Estate Management. Below are the four new iOS apps for you.

  • ioMob Tunes iOS App
  • Inout Real Estate iOS App
  • ioMob Cart iOS App
  • Inout Shopping Cart iOS App

ioMob Tunes iOS App

This is a stand alone mobile application on Online Music Portal – a Spotify/SoundCloud Clone. You can let your iPhone lovers to enjoy the Online Music Portal with ioMob Tunes. Features included will definitely attract the users and enjoy your service. Some of the features include :-

Unlimited Artists, Albums & Tracks

Albums/Tracks Browsing

Purchase Album or Tracks Individually

Built-In Uninterrupted Player.


Inout Real Estate iOS App

Now-a-days it’s seen that running a Real Estate Script is worth to pioneer in online business, so is our motivation to come up with its iOS version so that iPhone lovers too can enjoy the service. Works as an Addon with web interface on Inout Real Estate Script. Its features include :-

  • Unlimited Users & Listings
  • Most Modern Map Based Advanced Real Estate Search
  • Quick Analysis with Integrated Calculators (Mortgage, Affordability, Buy or Rent Estimates etc)
  • Multiple Revenue Options

ioMob Cart iOS App

This is again a stand alone mobile application for iPhone lovers for eCommerce platform. If you have a store let buying/selling happen online with ioMob Cart. It will definitely give your users a valuable experience. Jotting down some features from ioMob Cart.

  • Category Display
  • Showcase your Products with Zoom
  • Guest Checkout Support
  • Unlimited Members

Inout Shopping Cart iOS App

Inout Shopping Cart which is an eCommerce Service platform gets the iOS app. Works as an Addon with Shopping Cart web interface. With this app your iPhone users can experience the goodness of the shopping along with the web application. All features which are included in the web interface is also added in the app. Below are some features for a quick scan:-

  • Unlimited categories, product and brands
  • Expose products from all angles
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Complete Content Management
  • Split Shipments


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