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How clone scripts can make you an Entrepreneur

Every successful person has a story behind it. What you see now was not once long back. It is one’s passion or strong desire which gradually turn to the present success. If there is an entrepreneur it is sure you witness some inspiring stories. Dream healthily, wisely and strive hard, the path to your success will be paved without even you realise.

There is a very such story behind Inout Scripts, which is a clone scripts provider website. Since 2006 we are dominating over internet for clone scripts. Over 8000+ clients from 120+ countries with 20+ scripts is a proud moment so far. And looking forward to many more projects.

Our aim is to help small business persons to start their venture in a very cost effective manner. Inout Scripts team closely watch current trends and find possibility of websites that could help business people to come up with their start-ups. We have helped the passionate business people to start their online business with clone scripts.

How Clone Scripts help for Start-Ups

Clone Scripts are ready-made scripts with inbuilt design and functions. The major websites like Airbnb (Vacation & Space Rental), Trulia (RealEstate Solution), Gmail, Google Adwords (Ad Serving Solution), Spotify/SoundCloud (Music Selling) are some among many which are cloned. These websites are cloned as it is pretty sure to bring penny home with its services.

Advantage of Clone Scripts

Just a button press away, your website is up. You need not work either on technology or design, but a website just like the major websites, is all yours. But it’s possible for any kind of modifications on the script, to make sure your website is unique, reflecting only your view. You have any concern about the script, the support team is ready and happy to help.

Now let’s take the scenario without a clone script. Oops, you need to first find a website to clone. Study its features, either hire a tech expert or a designer and so on. Not going deeper, (tiresome even to jot that) as you know.

So isn’t it a smart way to become an entrepreneur using ready made script. Why choose a difficult choice when there is an easier choice.

Clone Scripts, E-business Opportunity, Inout Scripts, Small to Medium Business

Build your own Social Network like Facebook

Regardless how old we are, we simply love checking social media. The current trends, news, fashion are all easily caught in social media. Now that it helps shopping, some thing which makes people really engaging to buy things. Or simply, business is indeed happening with social media. Taking advantage of this attitude, social media now focuses to paid ads and it’s worth a revenue generating platform.

My point is, if social media is so attractive and revenue generating why don’t you build one? Are you thinking, oh I am not a tech expert to do so and so on. Wait a moment. Do not think so much. Did you know that this could be implemented using ready made scripts? Yes, there are web based scripts available online for building such a web application. Till now many entrepreneurs have already hosted such applications and running successfully!

Now if you think, by running such an application how could you make it to the Facebook level. Well, I can say that you may not make it to the Facebook level, but something beyond Facebook could happen here. This very notion led Inout Scripts think and built theirs. Inout Social Tiles is the clone script for Facebook from Inout Scripts.

5 Steps Before You Buy the Facebook Clone Script.

  1. At the outset, go through the features of the script.
  2. Play around the demo link which is available.
  3. Do have a chat session with the support executives.
  4. Clarify all your queries.
  5. Know the basic server requirements.

I recommend after all these steps are done, you can purchase your copy. But wait not if you are amateur in such topic go ahead skipping these steps. Own your copy right away.

Once you purchase the copy, you can work on the script. This means, Inout Social Tiles is completely customizable for changes. You can add your own imaginations to alter the look of the script. The functions could also be added or changed according to your need. Never matter if you are not ready to try these changes. There are different themes made available which makes your script unique. Own your copy, build a website like Facebook  and pioneer in online business.

I hope this article helped you to know that a Facebook like website could be up with its clone script.

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Start Online Business With Web-based Clone Scripts!

There are so many web-based services that you can choose to start for an online profit. The major services like Google Adwords, Airbnb, Trulia  etc are some of the very successful ones. Clone these major websites and it’s sure that you will earn. If you are capable of developing an own clone script on these it would be good. But it’s completely fine to rely on clone scripts provider websites to start such a venture.

5 reasons why you can rely on clone scripts provider like InoutScripts.

  1. No need to waste your time on choosing a website you want to clone.
  2. No need to study the website features/behaviour.
  3. No need for a tech expert for building such an application.
  4. No need for a designer to design the website.
  5. No need for a tester to fix bugs.

5 clone scripts you can scratch with for your online business.

  1. Real Estate Script
  2. Shopping Cart Script
  3. Vacation Rental Script
  4. Advertising Solution
  5. Bulk Emailing Solution

Real Estate Script

It is a Trulia Clone script which allows you to deliver a service on property trading online. Buyer and seller can easily trade and thus can earn. Script can hold any number of users, their listings and agents. InoutScripts has its Inout Real Estate Script with focus on providing the business owner a clean & consistent revenue generation from multiple resources thus ensuring a strong growth of your business.

Shopping Cart Script

The current trend among people is to buy things online rather than really going to a seller for the same. This could be taken as a clone script for ebay/amazon eCommerce websites. You can start your own online shopping cart with multiple sellers, brands, categories in any currency. InoutScripts facilitates its users to run an eCommerce platform with Inout Shopping Cart.

Vacation Rental Script

It is an Airbnb clone script which allows you to start a homestay network. Let your users enjoy vacation using your service. Now that people love to travel it would be worth to run such an application which makes people feel a home like though far. Inout Easy Rooms is one such readymade script you can opt.

Advertising Solution

Inspired by Google Adsense there came up its copious clone scripts. Likewise Inout Scripts has also put together its service, Inout Adserver, blending features of Adsense, Adroll & Adwords. It allows its owners to start their own revenue generating ad serving business.

Bulk Emailing Solution

It is a clone script for MailChimp/AWeber. This allows you to reach your market via email. The system can handle bulk email sending. An up-to-date approach to stay connected with people could be done with this application. Inout Scripts provides its clone script as Inout Email Marketer. Detailed statistics, multiple SMTPS & Live tracking allow you to stay in complete control.


All together with less effort you get a readymade clone script onto your hand which has just to be installed. With InoutScripts as a Clone Scripts Provider you can enjoy all these services seamlessly. InoutScripts has its dedicated resource personnels to build the clone scripts for you and a strong support team to guide you.

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Inout Scripts Launches its Much Awaited iOS Apps!

With pride Inout Scripts releases its four iPhone apps on different services. Apart from the web application and Android applications on various scripts, InoutScripts launched its iOS apps too!

The apps include services for Online Music Management, eCommerce Application, Real Estate Management. Below are the four new iOS apps for you.

  • ioMob Tunes iOS App
  • Inout Real Estate iOS App
  • ioMob Cart iOS App
  • Inout Shopping Cart iOS App

ioMob Tunes iOS App

This is a stand alone mobile application on Online Music Portal – a Spotify/SoundCloud Clone. You can let your iPhone lovers to enjoy the Online Music Portal with ioMob Tunes. Features included will definitely attract the users and enjoy your service. Some of the features include :-

Unlimited Artists, Albums & Tracks

Albums/Tracks Browsing

Purchase Album or Tracks Individually

Built-In Uninterrupted Player.


Inout Real Estate iOS App

Now-a-days it’s seen that running a Real Estate Script is worth to pioneer in online business, so is our motivation to come up with its iOS version so that iPhone lovers too can enjoy the service. Works as an Addon with web interface on Inout Real Estate Script. Its features include :-

  • Unlimited Users & Listings
  • Most Modern Map Based Advanced Real Estate Search
  • Quick Analysis with Integrated Calculators (Mortgage, Affordability, Buy or Rent Estimates etc)
  • Multiple Revenue Options

ioMob Cart iOS App

This is again a stand alone mobile application for iPhone lovers for eCommerce platform. If you have a store let buying/selling happen online with ioMob Cart. It will definitely give your users a valuable experience. Jotting down some features from ioMob Cart.

  • Category Display
  • Showcase your Products with Zoom
  • Guest Checkout Support
  • Unlimited Members

Inout Shopping Cart iOS App

Inout Shopping Cart which is an eCommerce Service platform gets the iOS app. Works as an Addon with Shopping Cart web interface. With this app your iPhone users can experience the goodness of the shopping along with the web application. All features which are included in the web interface is also added in the app. Below are some features for a quick scan:-

  • Unlimited categories, product and brands
  • Expose products from all angles
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Complete Content Management
  • Split Shipments


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How Business Reviews Can Help You?

If someone says good about you, you are happy, if someone says bad about you, you are annoyed. This is a basic human feeling we are inbuilt with. But if you see the bright side, you are getting a chance to know that you were perhaps not right. See, you are getting an opportunity to correct the wrong you attempted. This realisation is going to definitely bring many more good deeds from you and good words from others though not necessary.

You can relate this very logic to your business too. More precisely take the case of your business reviews. It is not easy to always buy best words from your patrons. It depends not only on you or your business service, it depends on your end users also. The user’s expectation on the service, approach, frame of mind etc these factors may contribute too.

Business reviews are something that actually counts, something that is real. Whether it be positive or a negative one, it implies that you are indeed existing than remain passive. And do not at all be worried if gets a negative review, hey you got a chance to be the best then. Count your good words on which you can be proud of. Boast your good words to nullify or overpower the negatives.

Reviews are now the best marketing tool, says experts. Surveys says that as much as you engage people with your reviews shared on social media like facebook or twitter, you are getting more trusted. A pretty good hike could be seen to your business traffic. The genuineness will really pay you. If you go deeper in survey, it says that twitter helps with an average of 26% traffic increase and facebook with 6%.

I am a part of Team Inout Scripts – a clone scripts provider website and I very well know how happy we are when we see our clients too are happy. And when it comes to the point we get testimonials it is a “wow moment”, an added energy we get. We have got many happy clients all around the globe and we are extremely glad that we have somehow contributed to their happiness.


Share your business reviews on your business pages, social media, and experience the change. Let your audience feel your existence than remain laid-back.

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Is Web Directory Lifeless Over Search Engines?

In the 1990’s there were just around 600 webpages which were slim enough to handle and thus was easy to find. Later it grew when the first ever directory, Global Navigator Network (GNN) came into being. Later it paved path to many other directories which helped people to find a webpage. And thus came the popular Yahoo Web Directory. Well now that the web widened vastly, it became difficult for a directory to tell “what was in each site” but could tell “what each site is about”. This difference let the thought for Webcrawler and this evolved to search engine. The early search engines involved Excite, HotBot, NorthernLight etc. Then in the 1998  came the Google and pioneered or could say rather killed Web Directories.

Google uses the pagerank system (an algorithm) to find the popularity of a page. Again when the www grew it was again difficult to handle. The solution to this was links. Links are shortterm for hyperlink. Hyperlink is a connection that connects either to another page or to somewhere in the  same page. More the links to a page more the rank for the page. But a less number of links from a high ranked page rewarded better (Always remember that search engine is smart enough to detect garbage links pointing to a webpage). Links could tell the crawler the presence of a website and this could index its pages. Search Engines crawls web pages using a software called spider which follows  link after link. It just not  reads the words of the webpage but maintains the order, relationship etc.

Now that Google reigns over the internet many clone scripts provider websites became curious about its working and tried to build theirs. Inout Scripts is one such company which keenly loved the crawler software and came up with Search Engine Script  during early 2000s. The Script used API keys from major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). Inout Site Search is another useful tool which allows integration to any website and fetch results, gives a faster search experience.

Inout Scripts’ crave for technology didn’t stop them and built a GoogleBot clone (Inout Spider), an actual crawler software which can build its own database. A Database which is scalable (Hadoop system). The crawler software starts with an “URL” basically termed as “seed” and then it crawls and build its own database. It means that you need to add in initial url and then it begins  from there, give some time like a day or 2 and you will see how your DB has grown. Doesn’t it sound awesome? With a Search Engine script and a Spider like software you can have your own search solution.

Now that Search engines helps better, people loves searching than go to a web directory.  It saves time to find the content you are looking for in a website. Pops up the most relevant and matching content for you.  Well, Dmoz is a popular directory which provides information about a website, do explore if not yet.