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Working with Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger

Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger is a script developed as a platform for cryptocurrency exchange service. There are various security features added in the script so a to render a safe and secure trading platform for users.

The script comes with 4 top cryptocurrencies by default with more than 80 fiat currencies to trade with. The script comes with an interactive public page and a powerful dashboard for admin.

Interactive Public Page

In the public page if you check, (demo available) there is a charting for market values. More clearly a candle representation is ready for the current data (for the market available). This will help users very quickly check the current market trend in the platform. Moreover,  a table representation for Ask/Bid values, trade history, last market value, 24Hr low/high trade value etc are all highlighted for a quick access to the market.

Powerful Admin Dashboard

And in the admin page, there is a powerful dashboard, designed so as not to miss any notifications in the script. This allows the central power of the service falling into the hands of admin.

Security Features

It is for safety and security the team has given the prime importance while developing the script. The security feature include, Google Recaptcha, Google 2-F-A, Email Notification, IP level verification, External back-up wallet etc are all integrated in the script providing a pretty good security to the script.

A clear “Know Your Customer” method

A clear flow of knowing your customer method is there in the script. With 3 levels of users – New, Basic, Advanced. The “New” level users need not submit any proofs and can register. But the next level of users need to submit proofs as per admin’s specification (admin can ask from the admin area).

Multiple Revenue Generating Techniques

There are various revenue generating techniques in the script, ensuring the script brings profit!

The main advantage of the script is the demo page, where one can actually check the work flow, before purchasing it, and at the point of any assistance, support engineers are there to serve online!

Reference – Inout Blockchain FiatExchangerInout Blockchain FiatExchanger Demo.

blockchain business, Clone Scripts, cryptocurrency news, E-business Opportunity

To start a blockchain business – Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger

Inout Blockchain FiatExhanger is a new script release from Inout Scripts. This is a script to readily start a blockchain business. The script serves you to start a platform to trade cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies. Secure and safe is the script Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger, this is because the script is tightly bound with security features like, Google ReCaptcha, Google 2-Factor-Authentication, IP verification, Email confirmation on certain activities, External Back-Up wallet.

All top 4 cryptocurrencies are added in the script – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BitconCash. And around more than 80 fiat currencies are there in the script, so that easy trading of cryptocurrencies can be carried  out.

There is a very interactive public page, for trading. It includes current market value,  like Last Ask/Bid Value, 24Hr highest value, No. of transactions etc. So that any user can quickly see a desired trade value. A chart representation is also given (a candle representation on market values).

In the admin section also the script delivers a powerful dashboard so that admin never misses a notification. The script needs an admin approval for almost all major activities, and hence the central power of the trading platform falls in the hands of admin.

There is a powerful KYC method in the script (Know Your Customer). There are 3 levels of users. New, Basic and Advanced. The New level users can register without submitting any documents, the next level users need to submit documents as requested by the admin. The docs are sent to the admin’s registered email.

Secure, safe and powerful is the script to start a cryptocurrency exchange service with Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger Script.

There is a demo link for the script so that one can actually see its working. Some operational activities are not visible for security measures.

Reference : Inout Blockchain FiatExchanger Script.