Hire a Dedicated Team

When you have a custom project, you usually outsource to a web-development team or hire employees right there.

But have you thought of hiring employees remotely and very easily and effectively build your custom project?

Nesote Team has come up with a new model for outsourcing – A Dedicated Development Team Model. We will pull out some crystal benefits of a custom project with a dedicated team program.

We give you the set of technical experts working on your project remotely.  

Affordable, Scalable and Reliable is the proposed model.

Affordability – The main attraction of the model is it’s less expensive. You might be thinking this a marketing trick, no we really mean by saying it. We the Nesote team works from Special Economic Zone (SEZ), so we do hold the advantage for a lower margin of expense. This, in turn, will bring you the advantage to spend less for your project. Allows you to hire employees at a lower expense ever. Yes, lower than what you think.

Scalability – Any time you can scale up or down the size of your staff, according to the project requirement.

Reliable – We are web development company working in the industry for more than 10 years, we follow general and standardized coding practices. This will help in knowledge transfer and further development of the code and hence is the model reliable.

Procedure to recruit staff for your work

Our team owns already a set of experts, with whom we work and we know it. We will be staffing the best technical experts for your project. Because we want you to like the model and stick with us for a long-term relationship. Rather just giving a team for a namesake.

We allow you to choose a member. You can fix a member only after being fully satisfied by monitoring his work for some period of time. If you are not willing to continue with a particular staff, just let us know we will see that you deserve a better.

Effectively build a custom project with the Dedicated Team Program. You can better understand the model from the link below.

Reference – Dedicated Development Team