SoundCloud & Spotify Clone Update

Our highly successful clone of SoundCloud & Spotify, Inout Music, has released the latest update of its Ultimate Edition. A completely redesigned music sharing and selling platform that can flawlessly run on any device.

Layout Redesign

The layout of the script has been redesigned completely. Enjoy a user friendly, aesthetically pleasing and functional design that will give your visitors another reason to stay on your page.

Home Inout Music Ultimate
Desktop View – Inout Music Ultimate Edition


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Mobile Friendly

The script has been completely redesigned to adapt to any mobile device.  The design takes away the need for any clunky app on your customers device and play music right off the browser.


SoundCloud Clone - Mobile Friendly
Inout Music – Mobile View


Continuous Player

Enjoy listening to music while you browse the website. The built-in ajax player offers uninterrupted continuous play on this SoundCloud & Spotify Clone even when you are moving to another page.

SoundCloud Clone - Mobile Friendly
Continuous HTML 5 Ajax Player. Bottom of the Page

Subscribe, Buy or Play Free

This is a SoundCloud & Spotify Clone, so you can have your customers subscribe per term or pay for each song or offer it free. Multiple payment options offer multiple business models to business owners. Explore your options and find the right model for you.

Member Area Inout Music Ultimate
Control Panel – Inout Music

View More Features

Inout Music is filled with exciting features that are ideal for music selling & sharing industry. Take advantage of this SoundCloud & Spotify Clone & pursue your business with Inout Music.

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Author: Sunil Thomas