10 Tips for Creating Marketing Emails

Email Marketing is still the most desired channel to reach your client base but with decreasing email attention span and dilution with lot of marketing emails in their Inbox, it is very important to get it right the first time.

Inout Scripts have been providing email marketing solutions for nearly a decade. Here are some basic but important tips for creating marketing emails and managing them that are highly recommended.  

1. Keep it Short and Simple

That’s right. People don’t want to read a saga and most people won’t scroll down more than once. So convey your message with pictures and content in short sentences and passage. Be direct, intriguing and easy to understand.

2. Use Tables for HTML

Emails might look great when you create email HTML pages on your computer but many email client applications may swallow some of your code. Using Tables is part of primitive HTML and least likely to fail. Test it on Litmus to see what your emails look like on different applications.

3. Think of Mobile & Tablet

Around 30% of emails are going to be opened on a phone. The number is only going to go up. Make sure your email looks great on mobile as it does on your Mac/PC. Use a responsive design if you have to but this may take longer to load. YMMV.

4. Keep Away From Spam

Follow the rules. Servers can block your address & source if you attempt to spam but there are other rules like having an ‘unsubscribe’ button and all corporate contact information at the bottom of the page including websites and emails that are equally important.

5. Content Is Still King

Tell them what you intent to tell them and that’s it. Make sure you send out content that your audience is more likely to be interested in reading. If they aren’t or you don’t have something good to send, keep it for later.

6. Sell In Subject

Subject lines are the first impressions. People are less likely to click them if they are uninteresting or dull. Put a catchy headline to your marketing email. Try A/B testing to improve it through trial & error.

7. Avoid Misleading Facts

There are so many facts and numbers about marketing emails that can be misleading. Exceeding recommended characters on subject line is not going to diminish the ‘opens’. Putting a dull subject will. Emails are opened throughout the week. There is no ‘ideal’ time to send one. Results can go either way.

8. Add Social Buttons

Add social links to your marketing email pages. It increases credibility and it may drive traffic to your social pages.

9. Track it All

Add UTM codes to Hyperlinks on your email. This can track which of your campaigns were clicked and which button or image they clicked on your page to reach here. If a particular image is getting less clicks, it could be time to try something new..!

10. Select The Right Software

There are a plethora of mail managing software applications out there. A one time paid mail list manager software with customer support is advised. If you are looking for one, Inout Scripts can help you out.


Author: Sunil Thomas

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