Build your own Social Network like Facebook

Regardless how old we are, we simply love checking social media. The current trends, news, fashion are all easily caught in social media. Now that it helps shopping, some thing which makes people really engaging to buy things. Or simply, business is indeed happening with social media. Taking advantage of this attitude, social media now focuses to paid ads and it’s worth a revenue generating platform.

My point is, if social media is so attractive and revenue generating why don’t you build one? Are you thinking, oh I am not a tech expert to do so and so on. Wait a moment. Do not think so much. Did you know that this could be implemented using ready made scripts? Yes, there are web based scripts available online for building such a web application. Till now many entrepreneurs have already hosted such applications and running successfully!

Now if you think, by running such an application how could you make it to the Facebook level. Well, I can say that you may not make it to the Facebook level, but something beyond Facebook could happen here. This very notion led Inout Scripts think and built theirs. Inout Social Tiles is the clone script for Facebook from Inout Scripts.

5 Steps Before You Buy the Facebook Clone Script.

  1. At the outset, go through the features of the script.
  2. Play around the demo link which is available.
  3. Do have a chat session with the support executives.
  4. Clarify all your queries.
  5. Know the basic server requirements.

I recommend after all these steps are done, you can purchase your copy. But wait not if you are amateur in such topic go ahead skipping these steps. Own your copy right away.

Once you purchase the copy, you can work on the script. This means, Inout Social Tiles is completely customizable for changes. You can add your own imaginations to alter the look of the script. The functions could also be added or changed according to your need. Never matter if you are not ready to try these changes. There are different themes made available which makes your script unique. Own your copy, build a website like Facebook  and pioneer in online business.

I hope this article helped you to know that a Facebook like website could be up with its clone script.