Inout Scripts: At the Apex of E-business & Clone Scripts.

Inout Scripts holds a strong brand equity in the e-business & Clone scripts industry. Its success was not without challenges and it has dominated the industry with its powerful scripts and a diverse industry focus.

Inout Scripts is nine years old & it has been blessed to have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by online business owners around the world. From its humble beginnings in 2006, Nesote Technologies and its primary brand Inout Scripts, have its scripts running in over 115 countries with over 5000 happy customers.

Inout Scripts: The Beginning

The company had its humble beginnings from its hometown in Kottayam, India by its current CEO, Jacob Baby while he was attending college. He started with one script: The Mailing List Manager. A powerful software for all Email marketing requirements. It quickly gained ground for its nimble, powerful architecture offered at great economic value. It’s still sold today but with advance features and nimble as ever. Over time, many more scripts were added to the roster with great value to the client. Today, Inout Scripts stands as one among the industry leaders with twenty scripts against its name.

The Challenge

It’s not easy to setup a new company especially when you are not in silicon valley with venture capitalists and talent hovering over you. Inout Scripts had its origins in Kottayam tens of thousands of miles in India away from even the Indian metro giant cities. It is still one of the few IT companies in town.

Inout Scripts was ahead in time and progress compared to the city it was located. The challenges lie in finding talent, building infrastructure and of course, gaining customers and their trust.

The hard work and dedication of its CEO and his team has pushed Inout Scripts to the top of the hill. From rigorous training of fresh young talents to challenging the company to mammoth and complex issues to solve, the company and its brands have found success with hard work and integrity.

Inout Scripts: A Success Story

Today, Inout Scripts has one of the best training modules to offer its development team. Good becomes great. The pursuit of success begins at this very early stage. Its development teams are fresh young engineers educated in fine institutions in the country and abroad, dedicating themselves to excellence at every turn. From its humble beginnings to a company with over 20 advanced products & housing nearly 40 highly trained development & support team, Inout Scripts is a pure example of success through hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Inout Scripts continues to scale the success ladder with new projects, ventures and solving problems one customer at a time.


Author: Sunil Thomas

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