RankBrain and Private Search Engine

Search Engines are getting smarter. Gone were the days when Google used to match a keyword to retrieve a queried content. Google is becoming smarter so as to identify the intend of a search query regardless of an exact keyword. The primary purpose of such an introduction to Google’s algorithm is to evaluate the search query and identify the content.

A simple example says it better. Suppose an user checks the best hotel in Germany. Google pops up the content where there is a list of hotels with reviews so as to compare. The essence here is, Google understands the intent of the query rather just pops a list of hotels.  Google uses a modified algorithm RankBrain so as to evaluate the query. It is one of the parts of Google’s algorithm, being the newest.

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence application. Artificial Intelligence acquires knowledge by its own or by being taught to learn. Programmed to think like humans, here it is, evaluating the query and provide with proper search result.

There are private search engines made available from clone scripts provider websites. The intent of such clone script is to let users enjoy a private search within their website. The results are fetched from API keys using a third party integration. This lets your search engine fetch results onto your page and thus resulting in an increased traffic to your website. Inout Scripts has developed its search engine for the same purpose. Inout Search Engine provides API key integration from major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can add either of the services or all 3 for a better search results. Apart from integrating the 3rd party service of API, you can create your own database by using a GoogleBot clone – Inout Spider.

Google has doubtlessly pioneered over all search engines and you cannot compete against it, for sure. But can own a private search engine with Google providing results. With Google updating its HummingBird (google’s search algorithm) continuously it is for sure you will be provided best results.


Content Courtesy: lynda.com, inoutscripts.com

Picture Courtesy: pixabay.com

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